Monday, July 26, 2004

The Blog That Lives To Give

 I'm in the mood for a bit of bleeding-heart do-gooderism. So click here and see if you can get Vikki McNaughton a job; and click here and see if you can do the same for David. But not before clicking here and getting me a job, mind. I'm just a self-centred fascist, after all.


Vikki said...

Yay! Aren't you sweet? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Good luck. As an ageing freelance hack I am in a similar position. The years have made me a bit more cynical - I will type lies for food.

It is David Tiley, by the way. Curse you rotten blogger megacorp.

TimT said...

No problems guys. Actually, I'm the same age as you, David (and my biography is scarily similar to yours - same degrees, same difficulties with finding jobs). And it looks like I'll be having a Report writing job coming up, anyway, so - hail to our Capitalist Overlords!

TimT said...

D'oh, different David!

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