Monday, July 12, 2004


"In order to prepare for a job interview, you might find it helpful to imagine some of the questions they ask you, and prepare suitable answers".
Hmm, okay, I have an interview on Wednesday, let's give it a go.

Gracias por solicitar la posición del profesor de la literatura española. ¿Quizás usted puede comenzar diciéndonos porqué you're la persona adecuada para esta posición?

Yes thanks, I didn't have any trouble getting here. And can I say, what a nice office this is?

¿Apesadumbrado, cuál era ése?

Oh yes, I think I'm very suitable for this position. As you can see from my resume, I have a wide variety of talents. I'm very skilled at computers, and I've had lots of practical experience as a volunteer at local arts and publication organisations.

Er, pienso que usted puede ser que esté bajo cierta clase de misapprehension... si usted desea solicitar esta posición, entonces usted va a tener que hablar español. Clase de It's de un requisito básico del trabajo.

That's right, and I've got exceptional communication skills.

¿Le tienen cierta clase de broma en nosotros?

Oh, I'm a very friendly person, and I'm sure I'd fit right into the environment here. Hey, we're getting along already.

¡Maldígale, perro australiano! ¡Si usted piensa usted puede apenas caminar adentro aquí y decir con desprecio en nuestra cultura y manera de la vida, usted hace que otro piense venir! ¡Le funcionaremos a través con los estoques! ¡Su sangre funcionará en torrentes!

Ha ha ha, good one. Anyway, I'm sure I'm the right person for the job, with all the right qualifications. Er, by the way, what was the position again?

Thanks to Babelfish for the translations!

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Pat said...

Hi Tim,

'Bad Example' sounds like a lefty knobhead - ignore him.

Your blog looks good. I hope you get a job soon. Unfortunately I have no info on any prospects but wish you all the best.

I'll keep reading to see how you go.

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