Sunday, July 04, 2004

Will Type For Food

Hi! I'm Tim Train, formerly of The Novocastria Blog, 26 years old, living in Newcastle, Australia, and looking for work. As you can see from my resume, I'm appallingly overqualified, shamefully underexperienced, disgustingly overskilled in computing/typing, and disgracefully committed to my work as a volunteer at various community organisations.

I've been looking for work here in Newcastle for a while now. (I'm not picky: I've narrowed down the field of possible jobs to - office work. Anything from filing and answering phones to publicity, working with databases etc. I don't really care what specific industry it's in, or whether it's part time or full time or casual or temporary or long-term. Anything will do. Really.)
But so far, I haven't found one. So I've decided to use the power of blog to combat the perpetual state of joblessness I find myself in. Each week, I'll put up a couple of posts about my trials and tribulations looking for work. Since I am a welfare recipient and beneficiary of the hard-earned taxes many of you will have paid to the Government, due attention will be paid to my profligacy with your money. Every now and then, I'll post up some examples of my idleness and shriftlessness. Along with that will come the usual right-wing ratbag rants, pedantic dissections of newspaper stories, and self-indulgent passages about myself. The horror!

There will only be one way to stop me: help me get a job here in or around Newcastle. Perhaps you need a worker yourself, or perhaps you have friends in Newcastle who need a worker. Point them out to my website. They'll be able to sample a copy of my resume, or read some more about me. I know we can do this! By working together, I'm sure we can wean me off Government welfare and stop my horrific waste of taxpayer funds!

PS: Depending upon interest, I may also be welcoming other people onto this blog as contributors. All contributors will have to be interested in stuff, and able to make a post - every millienia or so. Mail me if that sounds like you.


Harry Hutton said...

Do you have to stay in Newcastle? Go west, young man. I've heard in California they've got gold nuggets the size of nuggets.

TimT said...

I always wondered what Antarctica was like this time of year. But no, I'll be staying in Novocastria for the moment Harry.

Pink Lemonade Diva said...

So, I can't help you with the job thing, but I like your style and will help you w/ the networking. A link! Great site.

California Gold said...

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Abdul Stenberg said...

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