Monday, August 02, 2004

Moore Bores

I have a small problem with the new Movie Show on SBS: it has three of the most pretentious gits ever to disgrace our television screens delivering trite reviews, padded out with oxymorons, tautologies, and cliches:

Produced, written and directed by Michael Moore, Fahrenheit 9/11’s agenda is the war on terrorism and the Bush Dynasty.

That's the start of a Michael Moore review by Jamie Leonarder. He continues:

Sure you can call it poorly edited, raw quality, propaganda and sentimental

Not to mention poorly researched, paranoid, anti-right-wing, anti-Saudi-Arabia, and exploitative (check in at Tim Blair's website every now and then for details, or here and here). Not that I'd do that myself, it's just the preliminary judgement I'd make about his film after having read his 200 page paranoid rants in Stupid White Men and Dude, Where's My Country.

But in its totality, 9/11 transcends its flaws to deliver one of the most insightful documentaries ever made. In a “democratic” society we must have a counterfoil in the media to make governing officials accountable. “Who will watch the watchers?” Before we shoot the messenger, let’s all take the time to examine the message.

Who will watch the watchers? I want to know, who will watch the film after that hackneyed effort? And who will even bother watching The Movie Show anymore, if this is the standard of review? Not me: I changed channels and watched the end of The Others, one of the best horror films in recent years.


aurivorous said...

I agree mate. In fact, I posted something a while back (right after it came on) about the same thing when I heard one of them say "Shrek 2 exorcises the demons of Hollywood through a fractured fairy tale."

I also agree with you on Moore, could he get any more innacurate in his propoganda? I'm getting so sick of correcting people who take his excessive mistakes to heart without a thought to their accuracy. It annoys me even more when they become loud and obnoxious about something like the seven minutes Bush took to collect his thoughts after Sept. 11. I mean, come on!

TimT said...

LOL just read the piece on your blog.

Academic over-analytical nonsense. The attempt to woo a younger demographic whilst keeping the original audience is pathetic. I hate the new set layout and I hate the new cast. Not only are there too many presenters but the mix is stupid, the two young women and the older man... Here's a quote about Shrek 2. "Shrek 2 exorcises the demons of Hollywood through a fractured fairy tale." WHAT! What kind of review is that? People like her just ruin good films with their inane conclusions. My sentimonies exactly!

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