Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Blogroll - Doesn't That Word Strike You As Being Slightly Obscene?

During my time away from the virtual portals of the internet, I've actually spent my time boozing up in several pubs during the Newcastle TINA festival, and making friends with the gorgeous KathrynO, and David. They are duly added to the blogroll. Of course, David is a die-hard Commie*, but when we Fascists have taken over the world, we can implant electronic computer chips in his brain, and win him over to the cause.

*Don't take that comment literally. David is actually an Opera-singing banana from Mars, but he runs a good blog.

1 comment:

kathrynoh said...

Why, thank you *blush*

And I think it's going to take more than computer chips to win David over to your Neo-Nazi side...he much prefers Burger Rings!

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