Sunday, October 31, 2004

Offensive? Moi?

Met some folks today in Hamilton, had a couple of beers, talked about a skit show we wanted to get up and running on community TV. Showed them a copy of a skit I wrote. It was called Racists Against Sexism. They seemed to think it had the potential to be offensive.

OFFENSIVE? Pull the other one. I mean, it's not like I was endorsing sexism, or anything like that. See for yourself - check out some of my PROPOSED CAMPAIGN SLOGANS:

We hate all wops, wogs, and the entrenched patriarchal institutions in our society

If you want Equal Employment Opportunities in the Workplace, you’re Allwhite by us

Whites Who Fight for Women’s Rights

Pure-bred Anglo-Aryans of every sex, fight for Non-discriminatory Workplace Practices

The KKK thinks Working Gals are AOK

Just because we don’t like wogs doesn’t mean we have to perpetuate outdated gender stereotypes

It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female, married or single, gay or straight, queer or bi – so long as you’re white

So Discriminating, we even Discriminate in our Discrimination

I mean, apart from the virulent prejudice against anyone not from an Anglo-saxon background, what's offensive about that? Really? I mean, SPEAK TO ME, people, WHAT HAVE I DONE WRONG?

*sound of crickets chirping*

... hello? Is there anyone out there?


Pastorius said...

Dear Will Type For Food,

Great idea.

Would Racists Against Sexism wear steel-toed Docs with a red shoestring on one foot and a pink shoestring on the other?

Would you see two skinheads, with tatooed swatstikas, holding hands and shopping for Todd Oldham crap at Target?

Would a female skinhead win election to union boss, on anti-sex harrassment platform, and then proceed to work to reduce wages for minorities?

TimT said...

Dunno Pastorius, I kind of saw them as bumbling fools in Klan hoods, bumping into walls and doors turning up to vegan-lesbian-single-mother meetings and 'Reclaim the Night' marches.

Pastorius said...

Hey, I know you. You're that dude. Time T from that other blog of Good People Who Know The Iraq War Was Wrong.

Yeah, I understand what you mean. You're the one with the image in your head. I like it. Sounds very funny.

TimT said...

Yep. That's me! Sadly, the spelling and grammar on this blog just doesn't live up to the strict linguistic standards of Iraq War Wrong.

Proud to say I'm listed under the 'Bad People Who Think Iraq War Was Right'.

Email: timhtrain - at -

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