Sunday, November 21, 2004

Live Idol Blogging

Ohmygodohmygodohmygod the results of Australian Idol 2004 are about to be announced, and I'm not sure what to think! I'm all conflicted! My Right Wing Fascist Fuck alter-ego is vying with my inner Communist-Lesbian-Hippy. On the one hand, you have Casey Donovan, young, female, fighting the OPPRESSIVE POWER OF THE AUSTRALIAN MUSICAL PATRIARCHY!, and on the other hand, you have Anthony Callea, ethnic, working class, and A PHALLUS WIELDING OPPRESSOR!

Judging from the various responses to the Australian Election, whatever the results of the Australian Idol vote are, they will be:

a) A victory for common sense and a triumphant reassertion of Western Culture over the Islamicists;
b) Yet more evidence, if any more was needed, of the blatant stupidity and selfishness of the Australian people, and representative of the death of Australian values such as Egalitarianism, Tolerance, and the Fair Go.
c) An excuse for a lot of Very Important Journalists to say Rather Serious Things about the State Of The World Today.

My Fascist alter-ego and inner Hippy can agree on only one thing: the Idol contestant with the best hairstyle was Marty.

Update Casey Donovan has won. The Anglo-Saxon Chick has triumphed over the Latino Lad! I have only two things to say:





Gempires said...

Did you hear about the website stuff-up? They promoted it as - without the necessary .au, and it takes you to a porn site. Hahahahahahaha.

TimT said...

Yeah, heard about that.

It's things like that that make me suspect God actually does exist... and is having a gigantic joke against humanity.

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