Friday, December 17, 2004

My Tips

Blogs I've nominated for the Australian Blog Awards:

Best Overseas Australian Blog: Slush For intelligence, wit, and all-round perspicacity

Best New Blog: Hateful Checkout Chick For consistency: 'I hate the world and everything in it!'

Best Victorian Blog: Jazzy Hands Quote, unquote: "As I'm tripping over yet another smelly body on the lounge room (they have to sit on the floor because nothing gets the smell of teenage boy out of the furniture), I yell at them - "Why are you out tagging trains like normal kids? It'd be good for you - the fresh air, the exercise, the adventure." Need I say more?

Best Queensland Blog: The Rat Pack For Marty's amazing ability to sustain a blog on 'Can't blog at the moment' posts, several posts in a row. Also for being an intelligent, articulate voice for the young Australian Right.


Anonymous said...

Mr. TimeT,
Waht about Screaming Memes blog?

Screaming Memes

TimT said...

Mr Memes,

Its shocking I know. But there is no Overseas Overseas blog award. The Rapscallions! The Scoundrels! The pulchitrudinous beasts!

Anonymous said...

Come on TimT, I am sure most bloggers are voting for themselves.

You can do it.

BTW, post up top is upside down.,

TimT said...

Thanks for telling me about that, anon. Normally my posts are upside-down, inside-out, back-to-front and somewhere to the north. Mustn't have edited that post very carefully...

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