Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Vote For Me, But Not Too Much

Dear Will Type For Food reader,

It has come to my attention that this blog has been nominated for several categories in the Australian Blog Awards:

Best Overall Australian Blog
Best NSW Australian Blog
Best Humorous Australian Blog
and Best New Australian Blog

Thanks! It gladdens my heart to know that there are so many devoted readers out there, and that I only had to ask one person to nominate me for a certain category!
Now, as you may know, Will Type For Food has long had a proud tradition of being the second-best or second-worst in such competitions. I have no intention of breaking this tradition! So when you go to vote in the Australian Blog Awards, I request you to bear this in mind: use your awesome voting powers to vote for this blog, but don't vote for me too much! I would like you to place a large amount of votes for me, but not an excessive amount. Go on - I know you can do it!

Blogs I recommend for the first place:

Best Overall Australian Blog: Jazzy Hands or Metal City

Best Post on an Australian Blog: I heart smoking on Jazzy Hands

Best NSW Blog: Gempires

Best Victorian Blog: Jazzy Hands or After Grog Blog

Best Tasmanian Blog: Red Interior

Best Queensland Blog: The Rat Pack

Best West Australian Blog: A Yobbo's View

Best South Australian Blog: Ubersportingpundit

Best Northern Territory Blog: Troppo Armadillo

Best ACT Blog: Whacking Day

Best Overseas Australian Blog: Slushpile, if it's legal to vote for Slushpile; Blithering Bunny, if not.

Best Humorous Australian Blog: Ausculture

Best Australian Personal Blog: Metal City or Jazzy Hands

Best Australian Political Blog: Tim Blair

Best New Australian Blog: Hateful Checkout Chick

The Rest: Whoever you like!


Darlene Taylor said...

Good luck, Tim and to all others who are nominated.

R H said...

You sir, are the best blog person in Australia. No doubt of it! Still, I'd like to see Between Coffees and there's only one catboy, get a go as well.

And by the way, that Metal City chap must have been right off his nut when he wrote that quote about you. Crazy stuff. Looks like the DT's to me!

R H said...

Yes, well if it's metal it's probably lead poisoning.

TimT said...

Thanks Darlene.

RH, check out the link provided to David's blog, you'll see the context in which that post was intended. I think I responded by calling him a communist, or something like that. Seriously, he's a great writer, and some of the posts on his blog are little short of masterpieces. Thanks for the nominations and endorsement!

R H said...

Thanks, but I've no time for controversy. And besides, communists are now as rare as the dodo, and the Tasmanian Tiger. Anarchism's are all the go now, quite the thing. Mind you, dozens of them were hung in the early 1900's, for bank robberies. And Murder. Stalin robbed a few banks in his day. And murdered a few people too. But bugger it all, why bring up the past?

(Thank you, and my little French girlfriend says to say hello)

talbo said...

Thank you for your nomination, Tim! You're very nice.

Email: timhtrain - at -

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