Thursday, August 11, 2005

A Biscuit Story

There were some biscuits in the kitchen at work today; Milk Arrowroot, Gingersnap, and - yes - Scotch Fingers.

Ah, Scotch Fingers. The Scotch Finger and I go back a long way. Back in my childhood, growing up in Balranald, the packet of Scotch Fingers was brought out only on special occasions, like Christmas, the New Year, or each time a new Prime Minister got voted in. I don't know where they came from, these wonder biscuits - maybe Mum kept them locked in a golden box with her jewellery or something.
There we would sit, at the family table, solemnly ruminating upon our single Scotch Finger, and Mum would tell us The Tale.

"When I worked for the Arnott's factory," she would say, "In the typing pool, Mr. Arnott would come upon the balcony every day to check up on the girls."

That was the tale. Not very exciting, I guess. No blood or guts to speak of; very little violence, and not a hint of sex. But we were simple people, with simple joys.

Nowadays, of course, we have moved on from the Scotch Finger. The Scotch Finger is no longer the King of the Biscuits, nor even the Jack of Biscuits. No, my family are no longer among that Scotch-Finger-Munching, Instant-Coffee-Sipping crowd of country town dwellers. No longer are we forced to subsist upon such meagre rusks. No!

We move amongst a better class of people now. For we have discovered Tim Tams.


Rachy said...

my aunt who was also my godmother acted as a surrogate grandmother (all up my grandparents died before I was five) to me and my siblings (she was 17 years older than my father) and she ALWAYS had scotch fingers... this post brought up happy memories :-)

kathrynoh said...

Scotch fingers rock. We had them in the tea room at my old job but you had to get in pretty early to get them. It's the snapping that makes them special. They'd be nothing without the snap.

TimT said...

Back off, you wretches! The Scotch Finger biscuits are mine, I tell you, ALL MINE!

Rachy said...

let's bring some scotch fingers to grogblogging and fight to the DEATH!

Phil said...

Tim Tams are most excellent.

Rachy said...

sucking coffee through a Tim Tam... hmmmmmmmmmmm ... I remember when I was living in Lithuania my mother sent me six packets of those yummy biscuits, so there is now a bunch of random Eastern Europeans wondering the earth who are now fully converted to the Tim Tam experience

TimT said...

I lived in a backpackers here in Melbourne for a while, and I met a Korean girl there who absolutely loved Tim Tams. She thought they were the best thing since sliced bread. I think she stocked up packets and packets in her room, for taking back to Korea.

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