Thursday, August 11, 2005

An Outrageous Falsehood

I present, for your examination, this site:


The best site in the world in all catagories, especially regarding lithuania, pedagogy, interntational projects, party times, snow plows, and how gay Rastenis is.

Now this is an outrageous falsehood. I put it to you, Mr Vebra, that you are not the best, and that you are not, indeed, even the second best. It would even be a far bet to put you in the third best category, although I would quite happily place you in the category of the fourth best.
There are many websites that cover the topic of 'interntational projects', 'party times' and even 'snow plows'. 'Pedagogy', too, is a subject that is well covered, and I am assured that 'Lithuania' is similarly covered.
In short, most of these 'catagories' have already been covered by other websites, and therefore on the grounds of originality alone, I cannot catagorically state that Aras Vebra is the best, even in some of the catagories.

However, this is an interesting post, and this is an entertaining one, even though I do not understand a word of it.
On the gayness of Rastenis I concur. I have never met Rastenis, and I am never likely to meet Rastenis, I am not a particular authority in these matters, but I wholeheartedly and comprehensively agree that Rastenis is gay. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Nevertheless, I request that you change the name of your website immediately, Mr Vebra, before I declare war on Lithuania. Do it, in the name of peace and internantional relationships. I beg you, Mr Vebra, do it.


Rachy said...

oooohhhhhhh MATE... that is an outright declaration of war and I can't wait to see Mr Vebra's response... trust me, he doesn't let go so this could go on for years!

Let it be a fight to the death!

PS if Rastenis is gay then how come he gave me a rose? (he was drunk and I didn't like him in that way so I gave the flower back and he ate it, so I guess that's pretty gay)

TimT said...

Well, I'm just putting it out there. For the sake of truth, or justice, or something like that.

Rachy said...

Long live the revolution!

Aras said...

i just put all my catagories into google and found out that my site is in fact the only one in the entire universe to address all those catagories. so it's the best. it's also the worst, technically, but i like to focus on the positive.

TimT said...

That story about Rastenis giving you a rose AND THEN EATING IT is fucking great. Was he weeping when he ate it? That would be a masterstroke.

rachy said...

He appeared rather frustrated when he ate it and everyone at the table was in shock.

"did that guy just eat a rose?"

"uh, yeah, I guess he did"

"Why the fuck?"

"Because he just gave it to me after trying to chat me up all-night and I politely declined not wanting to give the wrong message"

At this stage Rastenis proceeds to chew on the rose without closing his mouth and squishy bits of red petal are falling from his gob

Fucking hilarious

TimT said...


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