Thursday, August 04, 2005

Whacky Amputation Stories!

So apparently ex-New Zealand PM David Lange is recovering in hospital:

Lange is resting comfortably in Auckland's Middlemore Hospital after his medical team used a nerve-blocking technique to remove his lower right leg without full anaesthesia.

He was admitted to hospital over two weeks ago for complications of diabetes.

Lange renowned for his wit, made light of the situation. "He popped up and said: 'Are you sure you've got the right leg?'

I can't begin to tell you how many times this has happened to me. I'm fast asleep, when all of a sudden I wake to find that some desperado doctor is sawing off my leg. 'Have you got the right leg?' is the first question I ask.

Sadly, they usually answer in the negative. They prefer the left.


Rachel said...

I've heard stories from a couple of amputees who I know that it's really fucking annoying when your nerves get itchy but there's no leg there to scratch. Now that would be annoying

TimT said...

What? Don't they stuff their limbs and keep them as mementos?

If I were an amputee, that is what I would do.

TimT said...

I've heard that it's a common feeling amongst amputees, that their limbs are still 'there', attached to them.

I used to play the piano. It would be so cool if I had, like, eleven fingers and three hands.

Rachy said...

that's what I meant! I think it's called ghost pain

Becca said...

It's called a phantom limb

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