Saturday, September 17, 2005

A Post About Marmosets

Marmosets are small monkeys that live in trees and use their scent glands for communications. There are several species of marmoset, ranging from the Common Marmoset to Wiedd's black tufted ear marmoset.

Here is a recording of the common marmosets cry.

The Pygmy Marmoset.

Once I knew a guy who thought he was a marmoset. He set up house in the rose bush outside and everytime his wife came out to speak to him he would fart in her face. Eventually they took him to see the psychiatrist, who eventually convinced the guy by means of hypnotic suggestion to work his way up. One week the guy would believe he was an African Anteater, the next week he would be an Alsatian, and the week after that he would be a fully grown male Gibbon. Eventually, he reached the stage where he believed he was a human again, and things might have stayed that way, too. But he just couldn't help himself, and he kept on working himself up through the species, becoming an Arabian Stallion, a rhinoceros, and then a giraffe.

Don't you believe this story? Frankly, I don't either. It sounds like a load of old hogwash. But this guy did believe it, which is why nowadays he spends his days roaming the backyard chewing the leaves of the tops of his shrubberies.

If you are curious - and let's face it, who isn't - here is a website about marmosets.


TimT said...

God, what a boring post. At least it had a marmoset in it.

coffee and cigarettes said...

you know what I was thinking before? I was thinking I really needed to read up on marmosets and then *voilĂ * you have a post on them. It's all so terribly, terribly exciting.

The Common Marmoset said...

I think this post was fascinating.

TimT said...

Thanks! Next time, I think I'll do a post about ocelots!

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