Friday, January 27, 2006

New Political Nomenclature

and by the way, mr tim blair, the use of the word "leftoid" is childish and stupid.

CommenterThorn at Anonymous Lefty.

In the name of fairness and goodness, I'd like to propose these following Alternative Names for "Leftoids":

Nice People!

Cuddly Caring Sharing Creatures!

Michael Moore Fan Club!

Totally Not Evil People, not Like Those Nasty Right Wing Death Beasts!




And in the names of truth and justice and fair play, here are some alternative names for "Right Wing Death Beasts":

Puppy killers!

Scourge of all kittens!

Nasty people!

Fascist Wingnut Swine!






Those Naughty People Who Vote Differently!

That Person Who I Don't Want To Speak To At The Dinner Table!


Aunty Marianne said...


How come, if they're only supposed to be 10% of the population, well over 50% of my friends are lefties?

And what does that say about me? Apart from the fact that I have major etiquette and PC dilemmas when I lay the table for dinner parties.

TimT said...

I think you should have shooting parties. Give everybody guns, maybe a little liquor to - er - stimulate the atmosphere, and then raise a controversial topic:

"So, that George Bush, eh? What a whacky guy he is!"

rascuache said...

lefties turn into righties when they get an oppressive mortgage

the strain on their shoulders pops a nerve and the become right wing.

...i've seen it happen

TimT said...

I'm not surprised! You're in Newcastle, right? I used to have fun posing as the 'token right winger' amongst the Newcastle arts community.

Once, at TINA - always an interesting event - I ran into a girl wearing a t-shirt that said, 'Fuck All Liberals'. Although I've voted for the Labor party more often than not, for some reason this really offended me. So I went off and that night made a zine for the zine fair called 'Green Haired Hippies, Vote For John Howard'! Well, it seemed a good idea at the time. And I think that mine was the only zine that was vaguely pro-government in the whole zine fair.

The anarchists who turned up at the zine fair were weird. They hated 'government' and 'authority', yet they usually turned out to support economic and educational authoritarianism (high taxes, socialism, and state-based education).

Anyway, sorry for raving ...

rascuache said...

Yes, I'm in Newcastle.

That doesnt surprise me of the TINA crowd.

I avoid it out of being stared at because i work for a multi-national but have left sentiments.

My conversative dress ousts me immediatley among their suki hairdos and designer dust clothes. Piad for by credit cards which will eventually turn them to caring about the economic situation of the country only so far as the interest rates are concerned.

Oooh, look, my turn to rave....

Drop me a line sometime, i sense we have much to chat about, aside from your fascinating blog. Which i keep returning to.

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