Saturday, March 11, 2006

Fresh Minds To Warp

Lady Sterne has had a baby! And of course, I'm sure that Tim will deal with the child in a responsible and grown-up manner.

Just thought I'd break the computer-induced blog hiatus to impart this news to you. I'm off today to a music shop in Camberwell to buy an accordion. Have a great weekend!


Caz said...

You think I'm going to take the bait about the accordion, don't you?

I'm not! No sirree! Ha!

So there!

Tony.T said...

Me either.

Don't forget to buy a beret.

kranki said...

I am not aroused by the sleek design of the accordian so don't assume I am. I'm not.

I am enjoying your comments on Jelly's blog.

Excellent and Useful. Unlike me. *sad noise*

TimT said...

I'm not sure what you people are talking about. I simply went off today to purchase a musical instrument where a series of reeds are operated by a manual bellows.

TimT said...

Then again, the accordion did come in a case with pinky-purply fur lining, so make of it what you will ...

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