Friday, July 28, 2006

Why It's Usually Not A Good Idea To Write About International Politics

International politics is people doing the unconscionable to avoid the unthinkable. Leaders commiting mass homicide to avoid genocide; third-world countries bombing second-world countries into fourth-world countries. Things that could never happen, happen, on a daily basis.

Then it all gets written about by journalists and bloggers in first-world countries: the affluent in search of effluent.


Caz said...

I have to think about this one.

It's quite a provocative - subverse even - observation.

TimT said...

It's a little abstract, but it came about when I was thinking about the current Israel/Lebanon/Palestine conflict, and some of the responses to it that I'd read about or seen on the tellie. So much of the 'debate' seems to be so stupid.

P.J. O'Rourke made some similar observations in his latest book, 'Peace Kills', about the futility of much foreign policy. Should dig up my copy some time.

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