Sunday, August 27, 2006

Proper Gander

My poetry zine is ready!

For the paltry sum of almost-thirty dollars, I've churned out about 100 copies of my 16 page zine, and like the crazy poet that I am, I'm giving them away for free! Anyone want a copy?

Swearing is included, and just a little violence (but with an ethical point! that makes it all right!)

I'll mail it out to anyone who's interested. My email address is


I'll send it out to your workplace, or PO box. Wherever you want, I'm not fussy.

I'll be back in a little while. This weekend has been interesting; I went along to two writers' festival events yesterday, and may have more to say on them a little later. Can you spell 'YUPPY'? I think I've run into a shitload of them already, and the festival is practically OVERFLOWING with Fairfax papers! (Just this once, I'd like to see a Herald Sun literary festival. I still maintain that it is the best and most entertaining paper in Melbourne, if not exactly the most accurate).

I've also had the excellent good fortune to meet up with the wonderful and witty Rachel Hills (I would say she's sassy but she might murder me for using an outdated gender stereotype - in a sassy way, obviously) - freelancer for the Sydney Morning Herald, and Vibewire volunteer. Rachel Hills to be next editor of the SMH! Has a nice ring to it, I think. Or should that be editoress?

Is it poor form to end a blog post on a question?


Stewed Hamm said...

I believe "editrix" is the word you're looking for... even if it's fallen out of style for being too 90's because it ends with an X.

ras said...

editrix is fab!

nailpolishblues said...

I am also loving editrix.

So to get the poetry one has[owing to lack of p.o. box] to reveal personal details.... Hmmm.

TimT said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
TimT said...

(Let's try that again)

Editrix, yes. I can see it now ... In full, fascinating detail ...

Ahem. Excuse me! Where was I!

Nails, I think Nicholas Carvan is still running Pulp Books on King Street, isn't he? He has a zine distro - I could possibly contact him and send him ten or so of my zines according to *coughs* supply and demand. Or whatever.

Anyway, if he refuses to hand the zines over, there's always armed robbery ...

If all else fails I will be in Sydney in mid/late October for a friends wedding.

I would put it up online, but there are formatting issues!

TimT said...

Damn, problems with blogger, it seems ...

nailpolishblues said...

I'm really not that paranoid.
I'm sure *sigh* you won't madly stalk me. Though you might add me to some kind of nasty mailing list for annoying sorts of a somewhat left disposition or something.
Oh the difficulty! Oh the decision!

Pulp books is still there, if it helps. I see it daily.

TimT said...

Did I ever tell you about how wonderful the church of Scientology has been for me?

Caz said...

Yeah - I have my zine already, and what a cute little thing it is too, with it's own sash and everything. Really nice job putting it together.

TimT said...

Thanks, the sash was kind of necessary in the absence of staples to stop the pages falling out!

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