Thursday, November 16, 2006

Post Humourous

Tas Govt asked to hasten fox eradication

The Federal Government has welcomed Tasmania's decision to increase funding for fox eradication.

However, it has questioned the 10-year time frame

Federal Minister for the Environment, Eric Abetz, says he is pleased the State Government has decided to increase funding to eradicate foxes, but says the 10 year time-frame is too long and the fox needs to be eradicated in the next few years.

Senator Abetz says the Federal Government supports the Fox Free Task Force, but says the evidence needs to be reassessed in two years to see how successful it is.

"If they're serious about the fox, they'll be front-end loading money now so we get rid of it and we won't be talking about the fox in 10 years' time," he said.

The potential damage a fox population could cause is an estimated $20 million a year.

The new eradication plan includes a state-wide scat survey and baiting.
What do YOU think of this plan to eradicate the Tasmanian Fox? We've asked several foxes strangers from the street for THEIR opinion.



"Ze proud and noble breed,
Le Fuchs, shall never give in to these Australian people! NEVER!"

"Ha! You Australian swine will never catch cunning old Foxy at his work!

(Ooh, look, some tasty chickens!)"

"Well, hi there stranger. Why don't you just come on over here while I paws you a whiskerful of gin? Come on, don't be shy. Now, what were we talkin' about again ...?"


The Polarizer said...

No comment from Basil Brush!
He would recommend setting up Tasmania as a free for all, Fox Hunting Haven for The English Aristocracy.
Basil would be safe and Tassie would have a booming tourist industry!

TimT said...

The BBC have made some new Basil Brush shows recently. I never saw the original - your comment seems to indicate that he was originally a member of the aristocracy? (Or the foxocracy, or whatever)? Not so in the new series, anyway, just a cheeky fox who likes punning.

Anyway, I promise to consult Sir Basil on all foxy matters from now on!

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