Monday, March 12, 2007

The Magazine For Highly Concerned Inattentive People

(Any resemblance to a famous blogger is by name alone ...)

The magazine that doesn't know what it wants to be.

Hard-hitting ambiguities for the present day ...

Who should you vote for: John Howard, Kevin Rudd, or this plush new velveteen lounge suite?

Current affairs:
Is the early hurricane season in the US a sign of global warming, or is Mischa Barton's new hairdo worse than her old one?

We explain nuclear power, astrophysics, rocket science, and the latest fashion designs coming out of Paris!

Reader feedback:
Psychopathic serial killers and the shoes they wear - YOU decide in our exclusive reader poll!

Other things!
Something else!
And more (or less!)

High-class waffle, tackled in a no-nonsense manner, delivered to your newstands every month... or so.

OUT NOW soon-ish!


alexis said...

If you're planning to work your way through the wonderful world of the women's magazine, can you do Cowsmoopolitan next?

TimT said...

Oh, it's not just women's magazines - I did a feature a while back on Melbourne's least-worst newspaper.

alexis said...

Ah, indiscriminate satire, my favourite.

TimT said...

I hear that Harold wasn't too happy with the post and the resulting media fallout...

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