Thursday, September 27, 2007

I go mad with power

Since unlocking the secrets of the internet yesterday, I have become maddened with the power of my discoveries, and am now seeking to change poetry as we know it. Find below, for your amusement or bemusement a personally customisable limerick and a haiku, an instant T S Eliot poem, and several rhyming couplets for the price of one!

There was
When asked

Spring: the tree laden
My heart:

T S Eliot


Hello Charlie! Hello Dora!

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alexis said...

Bravissimo! I can't help feeling that there's something utterly profound about this. What, though? Therein lies the doctoral thesis.

TimT said...

I don't mind saying, I think it was all worth it for that couplet at the end. It's certainly less strenuous than the traditional method of writing poems (working out rhymes AND making sure it goes together coherently. This way, we all get to chuck coherence out the window!)

Caz said...

See, this is why I didn't accept your kind offer to send me the code.

No one can live up (down?) to your splendorous standard.

No one.

TimT said...

Well, once you know how to do it, the rest pretty much writes itself.

The most complicated part of this post was writing the limerick/s, since that actually needed to rhyme.

Caz said...

Those couplets didn't write themselves.

No siree.

Polka dot fedoras aren't just pulled out of a hat.

TimT said...

I'm merely striking a blow for polka-dotted headwear, garments which I feel have been sorely underrepresented in today's media.

Equal opportunity for hats!

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