Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Exchange of unpleasantries

Go forth and stultify.

Live short, and don't prosper.

Spank you very much.

How wonderful to leave you at last.

Nice to eat you.

Your reputation precedes you, as does your smell, by approximately 20 metres.

I the opposite of love you.

What a good boy you aren't.

O what a horrible morning,
O what a terrible day,
O what a vomitous feeling -
I wish you'd just go away.

When they write the book of your life, I'd buy it - mainly to enjoy the ending.

Come in, come in. Cup of tea? One lump of poison, or two?


Maria said...

"Spank you very much" - exchange of unpleasentry

Well, that depends on your tendencies, I presume ...

colonel eggroll said...

This reminds me of a commercial I saw on tv the other day.

It's a mother (In law?) and daughter standing at a bathroom sink. The mother picks up a bottle of cleaner and says "This will never get rid of the mold in your bathroom!" and the daughter responds with "Will it make you forget our address?"


Mitzi G Burger said...

"Give it a little bit of vitriol - hey!". -Bluejuice.

maria - thanks for standing up (or bending over?) for spanks, very much.

TimT said...

Nothing like some chips fried in a bit of vitriol.

Spanks for the memories, perhaps?

Mitzi G Burger said...

Seems someone's thrown a spanker in the works - better lean over to pluck it out, what? (No "Ahem" to follow. So risque.)

TimT said...

Not just risque - positively frisque!

TimT said...

And bisque.

TimT said...

After all, I eat bisquits all the time, don't you?

tea and bickies in Moscow said...

If anyone's promising to whip up some bisque, I'd certainly be interested.

Maria said...

Spank you for the bisquit timt

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