Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Communist furniture, and other terrors

Che Lounge




A tea cup in a storm. Or should that be storming a tea-cup?


proserpine said...

One suspects that IKEA would be a hotbed of philosophical and political debate. The conversations that must go on when the store closes for the day! Poe has a "Philosophy of Furniture", of course (it's late, so find your own link!).

I like the Trotskys best, but the Spoonerisms reminded me of a bent spoon which is lying on the ground at a park near my home. I like the spoon very much, but I cannot move it, for I am convinced that it is an art installation. No one will agree with me or lend me a camera so I can take a photo of the art installation.

Caz said...

I like the platitudes, I'll take three dozen please, in a tasteful mix of colors.

Thank you.

TimT said...

Ah yes, the platitudes, they go well with the spoonerisms. Maybe a few cutting remarks to go with it?

TimT said...

I like the idea of eating your dinner with spoonerisms, for instance:

"Would you like some ravy with your boast grief?"

"How about some cotatoes and parrots? You've got to great your eens!"

"For dessert: crapple umble!"

After all, we will all get our Just Desserts. There's a platitude for you!

VNTuongLai said...

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pak gendoet said...

isinya cukup menarikk...
semoga laris ya

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