Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Your malaprop is apropos, sir...

I really have to curb my habit of making basic mistakes in blog comments.* It can lead to no end of trouble...

On Orange Juice Snobbery:
Weeeeeeell, I suppose it would boost sales to have a Fedora that pays plays tennis, but really! Why would anyone want to?

On the Cartoon Church:
“And the earth was without form and void… and God said “let there be by a gradual process of natural selection involving the combing combining of organic elements, that will lead over the course of time to the evolution of plants and animals… LIFE!”

And on LIP:
My guess is ‘ass’ would have been one of those words Americans started spelling differently, and it was formalised around the beginning of the 20th century as part of the changes that happened under Teddy Roosevelt’s watch. (He was apparently a fan of a linguistician who advocated ’spelling reform’.)

(See Wikipedia for why that last one is wrong.)

*Or, as some people would have it, I really have to curb my habit of making basic mistakes in blog comments. It can lead to no end of trouble ... at work. Or at all.


Maria said...

Oh, I thought I'd check in Wiki and find an authoritative source citing that Teddy Roosevelt never wore a watch!

TimT, I thought your comment on OJS was really very enlightening. It would definitely boost sales to have a Fedora that pays tennis. I haven't heard of a paying Fedora, ever. All the other Fedora-tennis players are hangers on and try for freebies. A paying Fedora would be very special indeed.

But unlike you, I can see why certain people would want paying fedoras. It's a mercenary world out there, and they'll all take what they can get, yes, even from fedoras. Even nice orange felt ones.

TimT said...

Like a magic fedora? Okay, okay, I can see the virtue in that.

As for my own running Fedora gag - 'There was a man in a Fedora that was running down the street' - well, I may not look dashing in my Fedora, but at least my Fedora does some dashing all of its own. There is that.

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