Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Pub untrivia

Pub untrivia: serious questions about important subjects.

What is the day of your death?

Is suicide ever justifiable?

Does God exist?

What is the value of Pi, to a million and one decimal places?

What are the relative economic benefits of capitalism as opposed to communism?

Vivisection: yes or no?

List the 20 highest causes, in descending order, of lung cancer in today's society.

Do we really have other things to fear than fear itself, and if so, what are they? All of them?

Is this a true statement: "Give me liberty, or give me death!" Remember to give adequate reasons for your response.

Is death preferrable to another season of Big Brother?

The team that answers most questions gets a $50 Woolworths shopping voucher!


Maria said...

Here's Pi to one million decimal places. I'm working on the one millionth and first ...

Pi to a million decimal places

After that I'll try the other questions.

Oh, death is preferable to another season of Big Brother. And if we can SMS poll whose death it is:

Gretel Killeen
Big Brother Producer
(list of housemates)

So much the better.

TimT said...

Well, that's the most right answers I've got so far, you're in the running to be a winner. No doubt about it.

Next up, I'll perform some Stand Up Tragedy for the untertainment of my readers.

Maria said...

Can I have ten guesses as to the that one millionth and first digit?

TimT said...

Have eleven!

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