Sunday, March 16, 2008

Things that are out of place

A stadium full of overweight people in a small house.

One person, three nostrils.

A boredom festival featuring fox terriers or fedoras.

Cows in space.

A rhyme in a book by T S Eliot.

Three words, four full stops.

Wings on a violin.

A brass band at a Carmelite nunnery.

Cats whiskers on a man.

A man's beard on the rose bush.


nailpolishblues said...

I think you need to broaden your horizons. I had no issues with that list.

Also, I came across a phrase today, well, a euphemism, that you will probably get mileage out of [somewhere, somehow]. Twat rocket...means tampon aparently. We're all laughing here, right?

TimT said...

I had high hopes for this list, but it wasn't so good on the web as it was in my mind.

Creative euphemisms like that certainly seem to have been a theme for the past couple of days, starting with this.

maria said...

Try places that are out of time next time, TimT, and you might have more luck.

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