Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Vote the bastards back!

(A retroreactionary hymn for the times)

We voted the bastards out!
We gave Little Johnny the sack!
But now that he's gone with our spite and our scorn -
We feel a definite lack!
(So vote - vote - vote the bastards,
Vote the bastards back!)

Though we've won what we wanted to win,
We all feel oddly bereft:
Though some hate to love John, we all love to hate John -
What else has the Left-wing got left?
(Yes, vote - vote - vote the bastards,
Vote the bastards back!)

O Johnny! All is forgiven!
We forgive you the tears and the pain!
With love and affection, we'll vote JOHN next election -
So we can hate you all over again!
(Let's vote - vote - vote the bastards,
Vote the bastards back!)

We look forward with hope to a future
That will be just as it was in the past:
We'll vote to ensure things are just as before -
And we can finally hate you at last!
(So we'll vote - vote - vote the bastards,
Vote the bastards back!)


Martin Kingsley said...

What a good thing it is that we humans have tastebuds just for the detection of bitterness, else I would never have noticed!


TimT said...

I enjoy being bitter and twisted about other people's twisty bitterness. It's what gets me up in the morning.

maria said...

It seems no matter who we vote in, we always seem to get either a whiner, a pathetic crawler, a bastard, a slimer, a sneak, a dictator, a smug creep ... and often a combination.

We voted the bastards out!
We voted the creeps in!
We hated the bastards
We felt something was missing!

So vote the bastards back in!
Or maybe it's the creeps we want, or a ball of slime,
Or perhaps a sycophant or loser or whinger or two
I really don't know, but what I know is:


TimT said...

Vote the scumbags in, vote the slimeballs out!
Vote the sleazeballs in, and you shake them all about -
You do the hokey pokey and you turn around -
That's what it's all about!

maria said...

I love doing the votey votey, TimT, even if it leaves me tired and frustrated at the end ... But that's what it's all about!

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