Friday, August 22, 2008

You can't get much smaller than that

Check out the apostrophe here.

This would have to be the smallest association in the world. There's only one of them!

I hope he or she enjoys associating with him or herself - whoever he or she is.


forlorn said...

Of course now the Riverland grower will have to come to your web page and find some of your misplaced apostrophes, once she has finished associating with herself. You could use it as the basis for a new association.

We're all in glasshouses when it comes to apostrophes.

TimT said...

I know, I know. Still, one can at least try.

For the benefit of the Riverland Winegrape Grower's Association, whoever he or she may be, I put several misplaced apostrophes below for them to spot:


Its - no, wait, it's - the least I can do!

Caz said...

Pure envy Timmy - that you don't have an association of your own. Most ungracious of you.

A couple of old guys have recently been banned from national parks (in the US?) for defacing a 60 year old sign. They removed an incorrect apostrophe and added a coma. Alas, no handy-dandy info on the content of the sign, only the outcome of the deed.

forlorn is here to help. said...

This is probably the story you mean (includes photo and text of the defaced sign). They were apparently on a sign-correcting tour.

TimT said...

It's a fascinating story all right. They might like to think of themselves as editors-on-the-loose, kind of the ultimate freelancers. To others they might have been just a different kind of graffitists, damaging other people's property.

It was possibly in the same paper that I read that story that I noticed another, about two graffitists doing a graffiti tour of Europe, now caught by New York authorities and put before a trial. Apparently the NYPD discovered what they were doing because they had a website (a blog, most likely) in which they documented their activities. Not smart!

I take your points and feel suitably chastised. Still, I find these slips of language - an apostrophe here rather than there, a change of a letter, etc - fascinating.

Two commas and a capital are the only differences between

I helped my Dad, Jack, off a horse.


I helped my Dad jack off a horse.

Caz said...

Tim - only a guy could have come up (no pun intended) with such a vivid example of the benefits of correct punctuation.

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