Thursday, September 25, 2008

Etiquette quiz

Sitting on the noon-day train to work, you notice that the person across from you has a small white moth wandering idly across their hair. Do you:

a) Lean over and brush it off, causing them to stare at you, shout at you, or hit you?

b) Get their attention and announce 'You have a moth on your head', possibly causing them to begin squirming with distaste?

c) Let the moth and the person carry on as they have done unmolested?

More than one answer is accepted. I myself went for option c).

Maybe the moth is still wandering across her head now.


nailpolishblues said...

I am fond of option c).

I once spent a work induction staring at a bug in some woman's hair. It was almost interesting.

TimT said...

The bug, I presume, not the work induction.

The latter are invariably never interesting. A bug sounds like an almost-adequate distraction.

Anonymous said...

go with (c). The moth wont eat much, and by the time the eggs hatch you'll be long gone.

nailpolishblues said...

Well, I remember the bug and I remember that there was an induction. The fact that I cannot recall anything about that hour except for the bug should tell you something.

Maria said...

Go for c) Stare with wide-eyed fascination.

Whipping out a camera and snapping some photos for blog usage would have been good fun too.

TimT said...

Staring wide-eyed at other passengers is relatively common on the trains, so I guess that passes the etiquette test, though taking photos with the camera seems to be going a tad overboard.

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