Thursday, January 01, 2009

Terrible news for sex!

Kitt growled and purred her way into the mainstream, becoming one of the first crossover African American sex symbols. - Remembering Eartha Kitt and Freddie Hubbard, NPR


Fans of sex the world over have gone into mounring at the news that American sex symbol J.S. has died.
"What will sex do now?" wailed S., one fan of sex.
"This news of J. S.'s death is terrible for sex", said N., another sex fan. "With the passing of this famous sex symbol, who will step up to the plate and symbolise sex now?"
However, another fan of sex, D., was more upbeat. "Although the loss of J.S. is a devastating blow for sex, things can only get better for sex now. Though not J.S. obviously, who after a long and distinguished career in which she symbolised sex successfully, is now dead. That must be a real bummer for her."
The fan went on to outline his recovery plan for sex, which he called his "one point plan."
"We must now find another person to objectify, stare or leer at, ogle, and salivate over in a number of poses, pouts and positions for various media sources."

In the meantime, other fans of sex have made the point that all those photos of J.S. in the media continue to do so.
"In a way, all that sex she symbolised in the media lives on in all our hearts," says one. "We will always remember that sex she symbolised with love and fondness."

However, controversy still remains over parts of the sex symbol's career. Many fans of sex still debate the meaning of a set of pictures she took, entitled "A cup of tea at home with some friends", set to a picture which shows here having a cup of tea at home with some friends, and indeed appearing to symbolise nothing more than her having a cup of tea at home with some friends. Many fans of sex, however, claim that this was a trick of the light, while others argue that the correct title of the picture should be "A sex symbol has a cup of tea at home with some friends."

"We all feel that now is the time for fans of sex to move on," says one fan of sex, B. "This loss of a symbol for sex is sad, but we send our message to all other fans of sex in this time of need: we are there for you. Sex is there for you."
He adds, thoughtfully: "Oh yeah. Must be pretty annoying for J.S.'s family, too. A real downer. Like, imagine having a sex symbol in your own family and then losing her! That would really awful, man."


Anonymous said...

This an appeal for urgent aid for Israelis hiding on their sofas in front of the tv in terror!

Caz said...

I want to know how to become a crossover African American sex symbol.

My second choice would be a crossover Australian Armenian sex symbol.

prude said...

One down!

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