Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Worst thieves ever

Some of you will know, and some will have guessed, that my flat was broken into while I was out on Saturday. It was an absolutely underwhelming break-in. After, apparently, prying my bedroom window open, they checked the bedroom cupboard, missed the camera hidden under the clothes, waltzed into the living room, looked in my accordion case(!) for jewels, didn't bother taking the laptop, tried to open the door and found that the deadlock was bolted. Then I guess they must have just ducked out the bedroom window again.

Worst. Thieves. Ever. Honestly, isn't that like gate-crashing the party, but gate-crashing the wrong place at the wrong time? It's pretty lame. And if they took the trouble of breaking into my flat and ducking around, they could have at least helped themselves to some of the biscuits in the cupboard! And it only occurred to me last night, those guys didn't even wash up any of the stuff I had in my sink.

Maybe I could leave them a note next time. 'Biscuits in the cupboard, dishes in the sink. If there's any trouble, call Tim on ______'.

Still, their thieving activities have at least given me some entertainment over the last couple of days. They gave me the inspiration for a passive aggressive comment. Also, I've been exchanging emails and phone calls with the real estate agent yesterday, who've been in touch with the owner: word from the agent is 'the owner is happy for you to fit the window locks to the window.' Which is kind of funny, because, hey, 'according to the Residential Tenancies Act 1997, S208 (1)& (2): 70(1), the landlord is obliged to provide locks to secure all external doors and windows of the premises.' Negotiations are ongoing...


forlorn said...

As one who didn't know or guess, I am very sorry to learn that, although pleased to hear that you didn't lose anything. Still, it's unpleasant enough to have strangers rummage through your things. Your real estate agent and landlord also seem to be ripe for a passive-aggressive note (very charming fb group, almost as charming as the fact that you play the accordion)
Perhaps the thieves were looking for a very unusually shaped machine gun in the accordion case (or, indeed, a fold-up machine gun).

Maria said...

That's disgusting. I'm sorry to hear of the thievery, timT.

And it must be even less heartening to know you attracted such a low calibre of thieves that they didn't know how to do the job efficiently, mustn't it? Still, at least they didn't take anything, so attracting the low sort has it's advantages even if not the prestige ...


I read of a few robberies recently, one including a set of robbers who nabbed off with $100,000 in peanuts from a place (No cash, they just wanted peanuts), and another robber who took off with several blow-up dolls from a place, then used them for his sexual purposes nearby and discarded them nearby. Hmmm.

Perhaps you didn't have the merchandise these people were looking for. They could be very specific types of burglars. Perhaps your sign should read "Sorry, no orange-glow-skull-shaped lamps" or "Sorry, don't keep caramel popcorn or oyster sauce in this establishment" or whatever you don't keep, and it could be an effective deterrent.

Or, as forlorn suggested "No fold-up machine guns in this accordion case or indeed anywhere else on site!" just in case that 'twas their goal!

TimT said...

My flat's quite open to the street and I've always had a mild paranoia about something like this happening.

Now this happening has actually happened, though, I feel much more comfortable about it. Next time they pop in, hopefully I'll be home and I'll be able to offer them a cup of tea while I call the police...

forlorn said...

Yes, I'm always paranoid about the ground floor in inner-city areas too. I had someone reach through my window and pull my lap top out under the bars in Glebe, just as I was finishing my dissertation, so you can imagine how passive-aggressive (or downright aggressive) I was feeling about that (especially since I was fairly sure the neighbours were the culprits).

I hope your landlord (or a previous tenant) has at least put bars over the windows.

nailpolishblues said...

I'm guess it's a no on the bars.

The only time I was robbed (touch wood) they stole something I couldn't tell the police about and my red backpack. Bastards. Steal my backpack!

Personally, I live in fear that guitar boy gets so high that he just floats in my open window. Not that I'm afraid he'd steal anything but it would be terribly awkward.

TimT said...

If that happens, why not keep him? Give him a perch and plenty of guitar boy seed to keep him happy. No bars necessary.

Maria said...

Hmmm - well today I can somewhat relate to you TimT.

Y'see I just had my wallet stolen.

It's an icky feeling knowing the thieves have got to you.

And my wallet was quite special to me. What's more, I hadn't even used my Borders vouchers in it.

There were a few in it worth ten dollars each. That makes me cross.

TimT said...

How totally sucky.

Colin Campbell said...

Delayed visit from Santa?

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