Thursday, February 26, 2009

Kill! Type for Food!

Just read this little snippet in The Melbourne Times today:
Walking through Trades Hall is like taking a ghost tour through Melbourne's union history.

Above the main staircase, near a mural commemorating the architects of the eight-hour day campaign, four bullet holes pepper the wall.

According to Trades Hall legend, the bullet holes are bloody reminders of a Typographical Society ballot gone horribly wrong....
NEVER mess with a typist!

UPDATE! - Oh, all right. I checked, and typists probably wouldn't be included in a typographer's union at all (typography - the art or process of printing with types - Macquarie). You can mess with me if you want...


Caz said...

Is it just me or does underpress not have the same ring to it as underbelly?

TimT said...

Now we know that Mokbel and 'Chopper' Read just learnt at the feet of the typographical criminal kings of yesteryear!

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