Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cultural corner

Is it possible for a person to be a 'wog' and a 'bogan' at the same time? Clearly it is. The combination wog-bogan - or Wogan, in the colloquial - can be found in increasing numbers in our suburbs.

A typical wogan.

This distinctive cultural type can be identified by their habits of driving at high speed down suburban streets, hanging out at the train station while smoking pot, and commenting in an acerbic manner on the latest Eurovision final on television.

Interestingly, the wogan skips the process of birth, and simply exists in larger and larger amounts, in a state of late middle-agedness for decades, possibly centuries.

While the reproductive cycle of the wogan is still little known, it is postulated that their spread in recent years is due to a kind of process of mitosis. However, more anthropological and sociological research should be done into the culture of the wogan before this can be known for certain.


Ampersand Duck said...

gawd, there's a blast from the past...

F.G. Marshall-Stacks said...

no. yeah.

'Poida', E.Bana's creation of decades ago (who turned out to be very real in the recent doco which transmosed him into the sub-genus Cashed-Up Wogan.

Speaking of mangled english, and re your "he spoke Manglish. He used the word 'incentivise' frequently" of elsewhere ...

I think Pancho got that word from the very funny 'Who moved my blackberry?' novel out of Fin Times columnist whose name I forget. It is being filmed also.
You will be rewarded by a search - it has a wiki

peace and love

F.G. Marshall-Stacks said...

PS I was not making excuses for the cisco kid, hell no - my Telstra next3G broadband dropped out twice while I was trying to comment.

TimT said...

The devastating story of life amongst the Wogans will be released shortly, in the upcoming book 'The Woad to Wogan Pier.'

TimT said...

F G, I thought vaguely the term 'Manglish' had been used by Don Watson, though really I have no idea.

Once I got an email from an editor of a US humour publication who signed himself off as 'Mangler in Chief'.

At least he was being honest...

Maria said...

I thought a cross between a wog and a bogan was a bog.

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