Friday, June 25, 2010

Cam, saw, conquered

As you probably know I've been regularly going to the Dan O'Connell Hotel for a bit over a year now to read and hear poems read. For all that time Cam has been their MC, and I think he's done a fantastic job; it's become my favourite Saturday afternoon and evening haunt (insert here several adjectives describing Cam's welcoming/inclusive/humble/humorous, etc style). Well, this weekend is Cam's last go at MCing the Dan poets - regularly anyway. I'd originally hoped to head to the Dan for that occasion and read out some Cam poems. Not possible this weekend, as it turns out, as the Baron and I will be going off on a walking tour of the countryside. Instead I chose to read out a few Cam poems last week, including this one that I present to you now.

He's Cam he's the man with the plan from the Dan
With the chalk and the mic and the board and the book
And he am what he am what he am what he am.

He's biff and he's bam and he's blast and he's blam
With a lower left jab and an upper right hook
'Cos you don't mess with Cam he's the man with the SLAM from the Dan.

He's the ham to our spam we're the toast he's the jam
We're the menu of meals and he's the chief cook
And he am what he am what he am what he am.

And if he were a rock star he would be glam
And if he were a virus we'd all be crook
'Cos he's catching is Cam the man with the plan from the Dan.

He's not Komninos Emily Mick he's the man*
He's the man with the plan and he can't be mistook
For he is and he was and will be what he am:

Applaudable. Laudable. Please show your hands
For the man with the BLOODY GET ON WITH IT look
'Cos he's Cam he's the man with the plan from the Dan
And he am what he am what he am what he am
And he am what he am what he am what he am.

In the meantime, why not go this weekend to hear Cam MC for one last time and some great poems from the Dan regulars? You won't regret it.

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brokenbiro said...

Why not get down to the Dan this weekend? I'd love to but I'm 10,500 miles away.

But I want to say that I came along as a guest to the Dan about a year and a half ago and Cam made me really welcome - very huggy too! Actually, everyone made me very welcome now I think about it... but they weren't all quite so huggy!

Nice tribute poem and 'here, here' from the other side of the world

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