Tuesday, December 14, 2010

You are a cat #1

You are a cat. Now, don't argue - you are. And, in the manner of all the furry feline fraternity, you are looking for ways to vex, perplex, and generally toy with the minds of the humans who happen to be near you. How about this:

Said human is preparing to go to work. They have laid out their underpants upon the chair, and said underpants of said human have been spread out in a rather beguiling fashion, waiting for said human to pick up said underpants and put them on their legs. Go up to said underpants, and sit down right on top of them, in an extremely content, comfortable, and serene manner. Said human will stand there with said legs looking at you (yes, said legs have eyes in them) sitting on said underpants.
Of course, you may well wonder what said human has been doing all this time without said underpants. You may indeed inquire as to whether said human has been wearing anything at all around the house. You may, further, ask if said human is some kind of a weirdo or something.

Do not ask any of these questions. You are a cat, remember - and you have more important duties than asking ridiculous questions. Like sitting on said underpants, and looking extremely content, comfortable, and serene. Yes, I know what you are going to say to that, too.



Ampersand Duck said...

Yes, PPRRRRRR, and I close my eyes to any foolish arguments you may put up to persuade me to release said underpants. Mine.

(WV= purebees)

TimT said...

Whoever wrote 'The Fat Cat Sat on the Mat' had it right right up until the last rhyme.

TimT said...

Nat the fat cat sat on the floor, chair, bench, table, laptop, computer, underpants, pants, shirt, keys, television guide, television control, other cat, chihuahua, breakfast cereal, first flower of spring, puddle, bathtub, box, and mat.

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