Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Rupert and the case of the protogynous diurnally synchronous dichogamy

Not that I particularly like the pile-on on all the Murdoch papers and Rupert Murdoch at the moment - not that I'm paying much attention to it apart from seeing it in all the blogs, through all the papers, and on all the television screens - not that I suppose it matters - not that I suppose you care (unless you do) - but this quote, originally by Bolt, though I got it from you, Steve, is a bit bizarre:
The incident [the pie in the face] was a reminder to the committee that bad things can happen - like lax security - to the most august of institutions.
I just looked up 'august' to double-check its meaning. 'Dignified and imposing', says Macquarie, 'calling forth the utmost respect, majestic' (well, I wouldn't go that far), and 'venerable'. Yep, you've got that right - Rupert's an old codger all right, virtually doddering. But hang on, I thought, when reading this: he's an 'institution'? I wouldn't go that far, but if he is, oughtn't we to float him on the share market, organise a Rupert committee, paint him up a bit, set him in stone and perhaps laminate some of his parts so that they don't cause us any trouble?

But then again, it just occurred to me before doing this post, they probably meant the British Parliament. Oh. Right then. Not much reason for what I've just written then.

This just in from the Baron, then: did you know the flowering pattern of avocados is an example of protogynous diurnally synchronous dichogamy? No, I didn't, and you certainly didn't either.


Alexis, Baron von Harlot said...

Those frisky avocados, I tell you.

Steve said...

Baron, I believe that the big mystery with growing your own avocados is judging when to take them off the tree. Such uncertainty has put me off ever trying to grow them.

Otherwise, I am always curious as to where you stand politically with Tim. He's probably the only right wing performance poet and zeen author below the 30th parallel, I expect, and I would be surprised if you and the cats see things exactly the same way. But I could be wrong.

TimT said...

Nah, we're all sweet at home Steve - like Romeo and Juliet. No, wait... bad metaphor. We're like the diurnally synchronous dichogamous avocado.

Steve said...

Don't either of you go faking death, now. The cats might start chewing your toes.

TimT said...

They do that anyway.

Alexis, Baron von Harlot said...

I think we're what's known as the progressive-libertarian alliance, Steve. I'm the progressive and Tim's the libertarian.

Alexis, Baron von Harlot said...

Oh, and Beatrice barracks for the Richmond Tigers.

Steve said...

Oh OK. I always like couples who are different politically but manage to live with each other.

Now what about the avocados? Is it true that it's just guesswork as to when they should be picked?

Alexis, Baron von Harlot said...

I believe, though in fact I've never picked an avocado in my life, that you remove them and let them ripen off the tree. As with pears.

We've just planted a Bacon cultivar avocado, which because of our cooler climate should manage to self-pollinate (i.e., it skips the whole protogynous, diurnally synchronous dichogamy fandango), so I'll let you know, in a year or five.

TimT said...

Oh good, now we can enjoy protogynous diurnally synchronous dichogamising in our own backyard!

TimT said...

O' course when the Baron first mentioned all this protogynous what not palaver last night, the question immediately leapt to my lips:

'What's a dichogoly?'

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