Friday, March 02, 2012

The moo moo blues

Little Boy Blue come blow your horn
Cos the sheep is asleep and the day’s wearin’ on
I’m feeling so bad Little Boy Blue
I’m bad and I’m down I’ve a case of the moos.
Moo mop a loop bam boop
Loop a whim wham whop
Shimmy shimmy sham.

Little Boy Blue come blow your horn
I’ve had enough grass and I don’t mean the lawn
I’m sorry I’m sick I’ve got nothin’ to lose
Little Boy Little Boy I am down with the moos.
Yeah moo hoo hoo hoo
Loopy loopy lam loo
Flimmy flam.

Little Boy Blue come blow your horn
Come toot your flute till the night is near gone
Cos I don’t have a cow man I’m fed up to the teeth
I’m an udderly dog-gone old piece of beef
Play one for me Little Boy a piece of good news
Cos I’m weary and wasted with this case of the moos.
Moo shaka laka lam shammy ham wham
Gabbada gabbada gabbada gabbada whilly wham
Beeble bam.
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